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FreeMind Therapy - EMDR, RRT & Somatic Trauma Therapy
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Sheri Johnson, Founder & Clinical Director

Welcome! Your journey to healing begins here.

At FreeMind Therapy, we understand you may be struggling with anxiety, trauma or relationship issues – we’re here to meet you with compassion and understanding. These issues can feel overwhelming, not to mention reaching out for help! It’s not easy to find a therapist with the skill & expertise, to get you the results you want, so that you don’t have to be in therapy forever!

As a virtual therapy practice, we offer more than just a listening ear. To help you move beyond your pain and create lasting change, our highly trained therapists specialize in results-oriented & brain-based therapies. We utilize the latest, cutting edge therapies such as EMDRDBTBrainspottingRapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), Somatic Therapy & Internal Family Systems.

We are committed to delivering therapies that work, tailoring our methods to your unique needs. You don’t have to navigate this journey alone – we’re a warm and responsive team that is here to support you every step of the way.

Take the first step toward a brighter future – let’s start your path to healing together – book a FREE consultation today!

What we help with

At FreeMind Therapy, we offer online Psychotherapy and brain-based therapies (such as Rapid Resolution Therapy), for relationship issues, anxiety, trauma, & much more.

We offer FREE group therapy for Indigenous peoples (status & non-status) – be waitlisted for our next group.

Overcome trauma, PTSD, and emotional turmoil quickly, with this brain-based method.

Here are just some of the areas we specialize in:

Break free from troubling events or distress, through the eyes

Gain control of your anxious mind with our proven therapies

Strengthen your relationships with empathetic therapy

Enhance your support system & feel better now

Step out from the shadows & breathe easy again.

Explore/express your identity with queer competent counselling.

Heal and process grief with experienced and empathic support.

Feel yourself again with the help of an expert therapist.

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Happy Clients

It is our intention that every client sees results without needing years of therapy!

Vancouver online therapy

“. . . Amazing… was able to help me process my past trauma and give me new perspective… If it wasn’t for her expertise, patience and knowledge, I would still feel lost and a sense of suffering from my life traumas”.

“. . . I felt expertly guided through the session, and it felt as though there was a plan with clear objectives and outcomes to achieve”.

“. . . My therapist was very confident in her knowledge and skills which allowed me to relax and lean into the therapy experience. I will be forever grateful… I have not experienced social anxiety since my first session nearly 4 weeks ago”.

“. . . The CPTSD was dealt with and life improved 10 fold… this experience was life changing and [my therapist’s] help was priceless… the hypnotherapy and imagery, as well as the genuine care for my well being and positive outcome”.