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FreeMind Therapy
Vancouver, Canada

Online Psychotherapy & RRT Therapy for adults, youth & couples.

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Vancouver online therapy

Get Relief from Anywhere. Try Online Therapy!

Our online psychotherapy services provide mental health counselling from compassionate, culturally competent & highly trained therapists, committed to getting you results!

Our collaborative team approach gives you access to a wide range of therapies including Somatic Therapy, EMDR, DBT, & our brain-based Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) 

We’ll match you with the therapist that’s right for you. Book a consultation today and start the road toward healing.

What we help with

At FreeMind Therapy, we offer online Psychotherapy & Rapid Resolution Therapy for relationship issues, anxiety, trauma, & much more.

Overcome trauma, PTSD, emotional turmoil & limiting beliefs with accelerated RRT Therapy.

Break free from troubling events or distress quickly through mind and body connection

Gain control of your anxious mind with our proven therapies

Strengthen your relationships with empathetic therapy

Say goodnight to sleepless nights

Explore and express your identity with queer competent counselling.

Conquer your fears with personalized, evidence-based treatment plans

Heal and process grief with experienced and empathic support.

Find your light in the darkness with evidence-based depression therapies

Happy Clients

It is our intention that every client sees results without needing years of therapy!

Vancouver online therapy

“…Amazing… was able to help me process my past trauma and give me new perspective… If it wasn’t for her expertise, patience and knowledge, I would still feel lost and a sense of suffering from my life traumas”.

“…. the sessions were useful and gave me support to make some important personal decisions. I feel like I now have new tools to help myself be more decisive. I would recommend FreeMind Therapy for counselling”.

“…. Since doing the one hour session… I haven’t felt any anxiety… the session felt easy and I didn’t even have to delve into difficulties from my past”.