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Couples Therapy

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Couples Therapy Can Change your life

You are probably here because there’s a disconnect in your relationship, or communication could be better, or intimacy is waning, or you are literally on the brink of breaking up or separating – or maybe it’s all of these things.

This was NOT what you envisioned when you first came together.  Things have changed. Or you’re afraid they might change for good, with no turning back. . . 

BUT – couples counselling has evolved. The methods available now are designed to get to the root of the problem and get results for busy modern couples like you. 

These challenges often stem from our early programming and can cause misalignments with others who had different programming than us.

At FreeMind Therapy, we believe that everyone deserves to have healthy, fulfilling relationships. Through couples therapy you can find a path to resolve any misalignments you are facing in your relationship.

Couples Counselling

Taking the first step to book a consult means you are FAR ahead of most struggling couples!  Here is what you can expect from counselling

  • Pre-Assessment conducted before therapy, to give your therapist a clearer picture of where each of you stand in pertinent areas of your relationship.
  • Individualized therapy approach, based on your goals, using the top modalities in the industry.
  • A better understanding of each other and communication styles
  • A better understanding of early programming that may be impacting the misalignment in the relationship

What results can i Expect from couples therapy?

One of the first things you will do in couples therapy is get clear on your goals.  You may each have individual goals, shared goals as a couple, and your therapist may also have observed some goals to consider. Everything you do in couples therapy will ultimately be moving toward toward these goals.

It is important to understand that Couples Therapy isn’t typically an overnight fix. Investing in your relationship means committing to regular sessions, based on the treatment plan your couples therapist provides you. It might also mean attending some individual therapy sessions on your own, to address any stuck points. You can see your couples therapist for this, or they can refer you to a separate therapist for this.

It can take time to apply what you learn in session, to your everyday lives.  Sometimes it means a couple of months of couples therapy and other times in can be a solid year of working intentionally on your relationship, for the benefit of a healthy, long term bond. Sessions can be spread out as you continue therapy, so they aren’t as frequent as they are at the outset.


Navigate the challenges in your relationship


Mediated conversations in a safe and supportive environment


Find common ground and understand & optimize your communication styles


A neutral perspective helps you gain insight and resolution to your problems

what are some causes Of Relationship Breakdown?

Aside from communication style, dysfunction and level of emotional connection in one’s childhood upbringing, there are experiences in life that can impact how we relate with others.  

In addition, our world is becoming increasingly digitized – people can become very isolated and wrapped up in the digital world, giving less to the relationships in their lives, and their community connection. 

As a result, people can be more likely to experience mental health issues and subsequent relationship breakdown.  This is often the breaking point that leads many people to couples therapy.

Here are some of the most common relationship issues that can prompt counselling:

Our Approach To Couples Therapy

At FreeMind Therapy, we believe that everyone deserves to have healthy, fulfilling relationships. Through couples therapy, you can finally resolve any misalignments in your relationship, with expert guidance.

As your therapist supporting your relationship goals, we understand that each person brings a unique set of values, beliefs, expectations, backgrounds and strengths. We take the time to understand your individual needs and your desired outcomes at the start of therapy. 

Our goal is to enhance more positive patterns and address negative patterns. Our licensed psychotherapists help you create a more healthy relationship with not only your partner, but with yourself. We get to know each person as an individual, as well as your uniqueness as a couple.  

We tailor our modalities and solutions based on what fits your individual needs, providing a safe environment to discuss your feelings.

Our couples therapists provide free 20-minute phone or video consultations to help you and your partner decide if it makes sense to embark on your therapy journey. Within this consultation, the therapist will listen to your struggles and start to create a plan for future sessions.

Logistics of couples therapy

How does couples therapy work virtually?

Couples therapy can be very effective when conducted virtually, especially considering everyone’s busy schedules. Virtual therapy allows both parties to easily find a time that works, and to participate from a place that is convenient for each person. With our Jane software, you will both enter through the same link provided (sent 30min prior to the sesion), and from there, you can access the portal from anywhere. You don’t have to be at the same location!

Approach to couples therapy

Therapists use a variety of methods and modalities to structure a plan that fits best for you. Two of the common modalities used at FreeMind Therapy are:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Couples: This helps teach partners how to restructure unhelpful interpretations of their partner’s actions. For example, if one partner feels neglected because the other partner spends a lot of time on their hobbies or work, this could lead to feelings of loneliness and resentment. With CBT for Couples, they can explore the underlying beliefs and interpretations contributing to these feelings.

Gottman Method: The Gottman Method emphasizes building a stronger friendship and intimacy between partners. For example, a couple might be struggling with frequent arguments that escalate quickly. Using the Gottman Method, the therapist would focus on helping the couple develop better communication skills and understanding each other’s emotional needs. There are many techniques the Gottman Method uses to help strengthen your relationship.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is offered by most of our therapists to some degree, but we also have a few therapists who are specialists in this area. Inquire with our Clinic Coordinator for details on the therapist who would be the best fit for your specific needs.

Can I still get couples therapy without my partner?

Yes! Our therapists are competent and skilled in providing you with individual support for your relationship. You may want to build your skills such as communication, emotional processing, and reactive behaviour around your partner. You may wish to do individual work before jumping into couples therapy. Or you may want counselling before you get into a relationship to better prepare yourself. 

How To Get started with Couples Therapy

Both individual and couples therapy can be done either in-person or online, and both methods have been proven to be equally effective – it is up to the couple’s personal preference. FreeMind Therapy offers online-only.

Whatever your preference is, it is important to find a counsellor with specialized knowledge in couples work.

At FreeMind Therapy, we offer both couples therapy and individual relationship counselling. We recommend that couples try to be physically together during the session whenever possible.

During virtual couples therapy sessions, both parties sit a distance from the screen so that their body language is visible. If needed, there is an option to have each person on their own screen, similar to a group Zoom call.

Couples Therapy

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