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Welcome! My name is Sheri Johnson. In 2019, I founded FreeMind Therapy with a mission to provide tangible healing results so that you don’t need therapy forever!  

We are a team of online therapists serving thousands of people across Vancouver, BC and Canada. We are committed to using the latest in mental health therapies to help heal trauma, limiting beliefs and mental & emotional turmoil.

We believe that when you heal, the world heals just a little more.

As your one stop destination for therapy, some of our leading-edge approaches are EMDR, DBT, Somatic Experiencing, Solution Focused, CBT & Rapid Resolution Therapy to name a few.  Book a FREE consultation with a skilled therapist, and start feeling better!

– Sheri Johnson, MSW, NBCCH, LCSW, RSW

Sheri Johnson - Founder, Clinical Director

Team Members

Meet our highly trained and experienced online therapists at FreeMind Therapy. We offer personalized approaches to meet your unique needs, including EMDR and Rapid Resolution Therapy.

Sheri Johnson, RSW

Sr. Psychotherapist
Rapid Resolution Therapy practitioner

I am a Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) practitioner with 13+ yrs clinical experience, specializing in traumaPTSD, & more.

Sr. Psychotherapist

I specialize in trauma, anxiety, depression & more. I am trained in many approaches like EMDR & DBT, for working with adults, youth & families

Wendy Bronson, RSW

Sr. Psychotherapist

With over 10 years experience I specialize in trauma, EMDR, & work extensively with anxiety, work stress, couples, relationships & more.

Victoria Bae, RCC

Sr. Psychotherapist

I have over 8 years of counselling experience with a focus on trauma, PTSD, grief, vocational rehab, personality disorders and immigration.

I specialize in relationships, anxiety & depression. I am also skilled in sex therapy, couples counselling, & queer counselling.

Vincent Lizotte - RRT Coach

Rapid Resolution Therapy Coach

I’m a Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) Coach, and work with anxiety, fear, relationships, limiting beliefs & more, now finishing my Masters of Counselling

Healther Whalen, RSW

Sr. Psychotherapist
Somatic Therapist

Accepting new clients in January 2024.

Over 14 yrs experience, & working with many issues, I specialize in trauma, griefeating disorders, relationships

Tani Papadatos

RRT Coach

No longer Accepting New Clients

I’ve been a coach for over 7yrs, with 200hrs of Rapid Resolution Therapy training. 

Therapy team at FreeMind Therapy in Vancouver

Sunaina Rajpoot

Clinic Coordinator

I work part time supporting clients with bookings, payment and various operations to help FreeMind Therapy run smoothly.

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