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Pet Grief Counselling

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About Pet Grief Counselling

Pet grief is a unique experience unlike any other, and yes, many people seek pet grief counselling. Our pets are special beings that come into our lives for a short period of time, and then leave a mark on our lives that we will never forget.

Firstly, our pets teach us things about ourselves and about life, in a way that no other human can and bring us a kind of love that is not only unconditional but deeper than we usually expect.

When our pet passes away, there is often a period of mourning which can vary from person to person. On the other hand, for some people, this is short, sometimes unexpectedly so. Nevertheless, the timeframe of grief does not necessarily reflect the level of importance of that pet. For others it can be lengthy and even debilitating, impacting every area of daily life, from overall mood to responsibilities to relationships.

The way in which a person grieves can be connected to their attachment style, which is developed from childhood and other significant relationships throughout a person’s development.

Another way to look at complicated pet grief is through a brain-based perspective, whereby the mind has been stuck and needs help to get it “unstuck”.

Pet grief counselling in BC

How do I know i need help?

Sometimes there are signs that we might need some support in processing the ending of our pet’s physical presence in our lives, through pet grief counselling. Here are just a few that might indicate that seeking external help through online therapy is a good idea:

  • You are having difficulty focusing at work and on important tasks in daily life
  • You continue to avoid certain activities that remind you of your pet
  • You have lost interest in your usual activities of enjoyment for an extended period
  • You feel depressed and have continued crying spells
  • You have a generalized low mood that has not improved much with time
  • You have a deep sense of guilt or regret for things that happened or didn’t happen with your pet
  • You have repetitive thoughts and rumination about what should have been done with your pet
  • You have resentment and anger toward other people in your life, or even other pets in your home
  • Your relationships with family and/or friends have been impacted
peti grief counselling in BC Canada


It is true that millions of people have been down the road you’re on and experienced the pain of losing a beloved pet, Here are some ways that people look to heal from this loss:

  • Talk about the loss with someone who can relate
  • Do a ritual to honour and remember your pet’s life
  • Memorialize your pet through something creative
  • Begin to put away your pet’s belongings, at the pace that feels right for you
  • Get enough sleep to help with your brain’s healing process
  • Exercise, drink water and get enough nutrition so the brain can process intense emotions effectively
  • Engage in self-care routines like a bath yoga, journalling, etc.
  • Take some time off work to process and heal – it is okay to grieve
  • Take time before considering a new pet – eventually this can be positive, but be sure not to rush into it
  • See a therapist to support you

For many people, grief can be prolonged and cause significant disruptions in life, leading to the question of whether therapy can help – it absolutely can. Therapy can provide a dedicated space to honour your pet, who they are to you and who you were to them.

Sometimes the stuckness that happens in the grieving process requires a neutral party to guide you through the grief, to a brighter place of peace whenever you remember your pet.

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