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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 30 minutes before your appointment, you will be emailed a link to begin the session. It will open up into your browser.
  • Please use an updated version of Google Chrome). If you are using an iPhone, download “Jane Online Appointments”
  • Once you have a session booked, you will receive an email with instructions to download Jane, our clinic software – this will allow you to book, cancel or reschedule sessions on your own (but you can email or call us for that too!). 
  • Click this link to book a free consultation, or you may call or email us (604-337-8577, or info@freemindtherapy.ca)
  • Yes! We utilize leading-edge approaches including EMDR, CBT, DBT, Somatic Experiencing, Solution Focused, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Mindfulness & Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT therapy) to name a few.
  • Most therapists have their own selection of modalities they are trained in but tailor the approach based on your presenting needs. 
  • The easiest way to figure out what type of therapy is best for you is to schedule a free consultation and your therapist will make an initial recommendation for you.  Keep in mind that this could change as well, over time.

We offer our services in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Florida. 

  • The first session typically involves your therapist getting to know you and learning about what’s been going on for you. Establishing rapport and building a foundation for a therapeutic relationship is the first and step to successful therapy.
  • Therapy goals are discussed to ensure therapy can go in the direction that you desire and so it can be as effective as possible. It’s possible that a plan of action such as therapy approach, recommended frequency of sessions and other logistics are reviewed as well.
  • Every client has a unique pace for which they go through therapy, and the “getting to know you” part can carry over into subsequent sessions as you begin to work on things and make progress in therapy.

RRT is an accelerated way to overcome trauma, PTSD, emotional turmoil, limiting beliefs, and many other issues. RRT re-routes neural pathways to clear up the root causes of unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviours. If RRT sounds like something you may be interested in, or if you want to learn more, click this link or book a free consultation to see if it’s a fit for you.

  • Cancellations can be made 48 hrs prior to the booked session, without charge. After that, the full fee is due. 
  • We are a one-stop-shop for therapy, as we house therapists with skills in a wide variety of areas.  
  • Whether it’s youth, couples, individuals, or Indigenous people, we treat anxiety, trauma, grief, depression, LGBTQ+ issues, phobias, eating disorders, insomnia, pet grief, life transitions, parenting, relapse prevention, career counseling, teen counseling, and much more. 

If you want to know if one of our therapists can help with your issue, reach out to us at info@freemindtherapy.ca and we will match you with someone who can!

  • Every client is unique! It can take 4 or more sessions to begin noticing real change.
  • Our therapists will assess your situation and you will decide together on a personal intervention plan, frequency of sessions and timeframe to get you feeling better. It’s important to stick to this plan though, so that the results you see are sustainable and lasting, and you don’t need therapy so soon again!
  • With Rapid Resolution Therapy, you could start feeling better after 1-3 sessions.
  • Our fees are split into two groups: Therapist ($155) and Senior Therapist ($175). Be sure to verify this when you book on Jane or when you contact our office.
  • We also have separate fees for our Clinic Director and Rapid Resolution Therapy sessions ($225-250/hr), which you can verify on Jane or by contacting our office.
  • Sometimes we have Intern Counsellors and these therapists bill at a rate of $115 or lower for those who qualify for sliding scale – reach out to inquire at info@freemindtherapy.ca
  • Lastly, some therapists on our team have limited spaces for sliding scale clients – inquire with our office if you would like to be matched with a therapist who has this option available.
  • To know more about our team and about each therapist, check out this link and use the drop-down menu to select a therapist.  Book a consultation. Some people book a few consultations to help them decide who they best connect with.
  • You can also contact our office and we will use our Therapist Matching system to match you with the best therapist to fit your needs. 604-337-8577 or info@freemindtherapy.ca 
  • We accept visa-debit and credit cards and require the payment to be on file before your first session.
  • We bill for the session electronically (using the card on file) the morning of your session and you receive an emailed receipt for your records.
  • We do not accept e-transfer.
  • You may submit your receipts to your insurance for reimbursement after therapy.
  • Please note that sessions are charged the morning of the day of your session.
  • Yes! Although we do not do direct billing to insurance companies, you can submit your emailed receipt to your insurance provider for reimbursement. 
  • Be sure to find out what type of therapist (RSW, RCC, etc.) is covered by your insurance.
  • All video therapy sessions are held on an encrypted platform designed for secure, private health care appointments – Jane.app
  • Although we don’t typically communicate about therapy session content over email, our email system is considered by Google to be secure and encrypted. This doesn’t mean it’s encrypted on your end though so if you wish for your private data to be secure, do not send private information by email.
  • Occasionally your therapist may use another secure platform for your session (if Jane is glitching), such as Doxy.me, Google Meet (pro), Zoom (medical), or by phone call.
  • We see any individuals age 13 to 100 as well as families and couples!  
  • For some teens and anyone younger, we may need to conduct a video consultation or initial assessment session to determine fit. If it’s not a good fit for virtual care, we are happy to refer you to a local in-person Counsellor in your community. 

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