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Rapid Resolution Therapy can change your life

Rapid Resolution Therapy®️ (RRT) is an experiential psychotherapy approach designed to quickly and painlessly resolve your trauma, mental health and life challenges.  This is done in an accelerated way.

You may only require 1-5 sessions.

RRT was created as a trauma healing method by Dr. Jon Connelly, PhD, an American social worker and psychotherapist, known for working with the subconscious mind.

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

“Everyone says that working through trauma is hard and that it takes time… quite honestly, it was one of the easiest things that I have ever done”  JANET

“I was living with crippling driving anxiety caused by my car accident. After only one session I experienced immediate changes”. JEN

Is RRT a Fit For Me?

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) was originally designed to treat PTSD, survivors of sexual violence and different types of trauma. However, since its’ development, it is now used effectively with a wide variety of emotional and mental health issues (see list below).

You might be in the community of entrepreneurs, artists or other professionals who are also turning to RRT to release “blocks” and limiting beliefs. These might be holding you back from achieving the next level of success in your career, and RRT has been useful for this!

Rapid Resolution Therapy is experiential. It is quite different than traditional talk therapy or cognitive-based therapies. While those can be effective modalities for many conditions, they deal primarily with your conscious thinking mind. RRT addresses this too, but in addition to your subconscious mind.  In a typical RRT intensive session, the therapist does much of the talking, which can feel different from traditional therapy where the client is encouraged to do most of the talking.

Rapid Resolution Therapy is not designed to be a deep dive into understanding yourself existentially, which can feel unusual if you’re accustomed to talk therapy.  The RRT provider looks to identify the root cause of your unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviours, then once this has been done, they aim to clear it up from both your conscious and subconscious levels of mind. In doing so, there is no painful, detailed re-hashing of your trauma. It is a gentle, respectful process designed to keep you present and uplifted the whole time.  In fact, the therapist does most of the talking.


Just like not every key works to get you through your front door, it is possible that other therapies have not been the key to get you to your goals.  RRT isn’t exempt from this.  This is why we at FreeMind Therapy offer FREE 20min consultation calls, and at times if 20min isn’t quite enough time, we will suggest starting with an RRT Assessment (50min session) to give us a chance to further assess your situation, evaluate if it is a good fit and/or design an alternate treatment plan if needed.  

If you are someone who has struggled with borderline personality disorder, Rapid Resolution Therapy could still be a fit for you!  However, in some cases, we may recommend taking part in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) as the first step.  This can help bring you to a place of emotional stability so that the rapid nature of RRT can be facilitated the way it was designed. Share any concerns like this with us during free 20min consultation and we will ensure that you are supported!

“Rapid resolution therapy sessions have been a game changer for me. In the weeks following my sessions I’ve felt major shifts”  TANYA

Issues RRT can help with

  • Trauma
  • PTSD
  • Sexual trauma, rape or abuse
  • Anxiety & panic disorders
  • Social Anxiety
  • Mind-Body Healing
  • Phobias
  • Molestation
  • Childhood abuse 
  • Pain mgmt
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Insomnia & Sleep
  • Heartbreak
  • Career blocks & money blocks
  • Fear & Worry
  • Grief & loss
  • Pet Grief
  • Anger & resentment
  • Weight loss
  • Smoking cessation
  • Guilt & shame
  • Compulsive Habits

“The RRT session was mind blowing. There was so much golden advice offered on shifting my perspective. I feel free, light and excited about my future”  CAL

Trauma therapy using Rapid Resolution Therapy in 1-3 sessions

Rapid Resolution Therapy - How does it work?

Rapid Resolution Therapy is active, integrative, non-threatening and even fun. Come prepared with a specific, identified problem you want to shift.  RRT is a process that is artfully executed by your therapist to prepare your subconscious mind for absorbing new ways of thinking and processing data. 

Rapid Resolution Therapy combines psychological, philosophical, and neuroscience concepts with various evidence-based therapeutic modalities. It can result in very successful outcomes for your trauma, mental health or emotional issues.

For video accounts of the success of RRT on trauma, you can visit Dr. Connelly’s video testimonials website.

Rapid Resolution Therapy utilizes precise and purposeful communication techniques, with components of mindfulness, meditation, and visualization.  It can re-route the neural pathways associated with your trauma memory or limiting belief that you’ve had. Because both your conscious and subconscious mind are targeted, the results are lasting. RRT is becoming more mainstream within the mental health industry across the world. More studies are being published and well-known figures are attesting to its’ effectiveness.

“Counselling with this therapist felt radically different in its approach as the first intensive allowed for significant improvement in my subconscious thoughts and subsequent behaviours, without feeling like I was “working” at it”  ERIN

An RRT session looks like this:


We get clear on the problem showing up in the present day.


Learn a new perspective on how the mind works and processes information.


Agree upon and set a clear, specific intention for the outcome.


Imagery, multi-level communication & guided meditation to help the mind absorb info on a deeper level.


Employ RRT "ghostbusting" techniques to re-wire painful memories and distorted thinking.​

“I feel 100% better today. It totally cleared stuckness and my emotional reaction. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your genuine wholehearted presence, sensitivity and flexibility”

How to get started

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) intensive sessions typically run longer, for two to two and a half hours. If your topic is specific enough, you will likely start with this route. Most people already feel a shift from the moment they get up to leave.

However, RRT concepts can be utilized within a longer term counselling relationship, depending on what you are looking for in your healing journey. Complete the RRT Intake Form below OR  book a consultation with one of our providers today to learn if RRT is a good fit for you! Our RRT practitioners and coaches are shown below.

“When disturbing memories of certain events are brought up, they just seem to easily pass without effort”  ADAM

RRT Therapy Intake Form

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