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How to Clear Social Anxiety with RRT

Struggling with social anxiety can be isolating and overwhelming, leading many to avoid everyday social interactions. If you find yourself replaying conversations, dreading public speaking, or fearing judgment from others, you might be experiencing social anxiety.

Social Anxiety - how do I know if I have it?

Have you been feeling avoidant of social situations, staying at home instead of going out, or going over and over what you just said to someone? Social anxiety is an experience shared by SO many people. Although it looks very different from one person to the next, it is marked by a continuous and heightened fear of being judged or embarrassed by others. 

Social anxiety can surface in various situations, including meeting new people, dating, public speaking, attending job interviews, answering the phone, leaving the house, or even participating in class discussions. The distress associated with social anxiety can be so overpowering that it can surpass your ability to manage it effectively.

Before social interactions, you may have endured weeks of anticipatory anxiety and worry. Consequently, you might have begun avoiding specific situations that trigger your anxiety. When social anxiety starts to impact your quality of life significantly, seeking professional assistance becomes necessary.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that social anxiety is not biologically ingrained; rather, it is induced by cultural and environmental factors.

Since infancy, we are taught to be concerned with how we are viewed by others like parents, teachers, friends, family members, and even our childhood favourite “Santa Claus”. If our parents don’t approve of us, the brain of a toddler is built to see it as “death”.  This misread of data can create a lifelong difficulty with social situations thta stem from the subconscious survival mind.

Social Anxiety

How can Rapid Resolution Therapy help with social anxiety

How RRT Works for Social Anxiety:

Identify the underlying cause of your social anxiety 

Rapid Resolution Therapy focuses on finding the underlying issue and root cause within your social anxiety. By identifying the subconscious root, from a brain-based lens, you can find long-lasting relief.

Reframe your beliefs

Rapid Resolution Therapy can remove the set perceptions that have created social anxiety. RRT helps reframe beliefs around contempt such as “they are judging me”, which allows you to you experience social interactions with ease.

No reliving the past 

Rapid Resolution Therapy goes beyond conventional talk therapy by employing multi-level communication to reshape the way your subconscious mind processes information. Combing over details of distressing past experiences is not required.

Fast results 

Rapid Resolution Therapy can give you the results you want in a shorter amount of time. This means in a matter of 1- 5 sessions you can have the shift you are looking for.

Social Anxiety

Is this what you are looking for?

Are you ready to be released from the grip of social anxiety? If so, RRT can help. Check out our page on Rapid Resolution Therapy to learn more about the modality.

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