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Thinking about seeing a parenting therapist?

You may ask, ‘do I need a parenting therapist’? When it comes to parenting, we are all human. Whether you are a parent-to-be, or a seasoned parent, life throws us curve balls that can challenge the core of who we are (and who our kids are).

No matter your walk of life, no one is immune to the kinds of challenges that come with being a parent. Here are just some of the issues that can arise, leading to the need for a parenting therapist:

  • Life stage transition (new parents/moms)
  • Postpartum depression
  • Juggling parenting with returning to work
  • Infant bonding issues
  • Attachment and relationship building
  • Parenting style conflict
  • Parenting difficult behaviours
  • Parenting neuro-divergent children
  • Divorce or separation transitions
  • Extended family or in-law involvement/conflicts
  • Sexual orientation or gender identity issues in the child
  • Teen & parent conflict
  • “Empty nest” challenges
  • Adult-child and parent relationship issues
Parenting counselling and consultation with FreeMind Therapy


In parenting, you have undoubtedly been juggling a lot more than people give you credit for – and sometimes a parenting therapist is needed. Being a parent builds a resilience that you didn’t have before. Nevertheless, there are times when asking for help in therapy can create space for clarity, healing and peace of mind in your parenting journey – for both you and your child. Moreover, You may need that extra support if:

  • You are becoming angry toward or resenting your child
  • You are depressed or low, impacting how you connect with your child or others in life
  • You are consumed with anxiety and worry about what you’re juggling
  • You are struggling with bonding or connecting with your baby, child, or adult-child.
  • You need support in healthy parenting through divorce or separation
  • Your child is exhibiting behaviours that you’re not sure how to handle
  • You and your co-parent/spouse differ on how to approach parenting
  • You are uncertain about how to address a particular parenting issue
  • You are dealing with inter-generational issues with parenting


Parenting Therapy with FreeMind Therapy

Resolving roadblocks, and increasing the sense of ease in your child’s life and the relationship between you and your child, will mean finding help that is relevant to the problem you are facing.

Some people find self-help books to be useful, they might follow parenting experts on social media, or they might turn to friends or family for advice.

When feeling stuck in any of the above areas, seeing a parenting therapist who is experienced in working families and children/youth can be critical.

At FreeMind Therapy, our skilled therapists can help. We understand that as a busy parent, time is of the essence, which is why telephone or virtual therapy can be so useful (even if it’s in your car, using your phone)!

Book a consultation with one of our parenting therapists, and find out if we’re a good fit.

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