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What Is Low-Cost Counselling?

Low-Cost Counselling & Affordable counselling

At FreeMind Therapy, we offer various low-cost counselling opportunities through our highly-trained master-level therapists because we think everyone should have the opportunity to heal.  Whether you are looking to clear up stress, anxiety, or relationship issues, or heal from frozen grief or trauma, or other personal issues, we are committed to supporting you!

The cost of counselling can be a barrier for many people. FreeMind Therapy’s low-cost counselling opportunities include teen counselling, adult individual counselling, couples counselling, and even family counselling.  This all takes place in our secure, virtual therapy platform, from the comfort of home, bed, office, car, park, etc.!  Read on to find out if you qualify for any of our low-cost counselling programs below.

Masters Intern Counsellor

For a fraction of the cost, our skilled Masters Intern Counsellors are Masters level clinicians who are actively practicing their skills, and supervised by FreeMind Therapy senior Counsellors. They are valued members of our team, committed to providing you with the best mental health care, while contributing to the community’s needs for low-cost counselling.  

Masters Intern Counsellors will offer you competent counselling at a reduced rate, but it is essential to note that your health benefits do not cover these services. 

COST: Masters Intern Counsellors provide low-cost counselling at a rate of $115, with a sliding scale down to $65. They also have a limited number of pro-bono (free!) spots.  

If you would like to access these services, just click the Book Now button below, or contact us directly.

CVAP Counsellor- Crime Victim Assistance Program

Crime can have a profound impact on various aspects of your life and you may have found yourself the recipient of government benefits that give you access to a CVAP counsellor. Crime may have significantly affected different facets of your life, leaving both emotional and physical repercussions. 

If you believe that you have been emotionally or physically affected by a crime, you might qualify for financial assistance through low-cost counselling, to support you through this challenging time.  You can apply for these benefits using the government application form here, and it takes a few months to be approved. Bookmark this page for when your benefits come through!

The Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP) in British Columbia is committed to supporting you if you have been a victim of violent crime, as well as your immediate family members and specific witnesses. A CVAP Counsellor can help you recover from the aftermath of such incidents.

COST: FreeMind Therapy accepts direct payment by credit card from you, you submit the receipt to your CVAP Advisor, then CVAP reimburses you directly for a portion of the session. 

To begin counselling as soon as possible and access these low-cost counselling services, we will support you in getting started – contact us directly.

Sexual Assault Counselling

car Accident Counselling: ICBC Counsellor

A car accident may have significantly impacted your mental health, and so you may have found yourself seeking an ICBC Counsellor for low-cost counselling.  Your accident may have led to conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and grief. Or perhaps even fear of driving and getting behind the wheel again.  

Seeking therapy can be crucial in recovering from your challenges. If you have an ICBC Claim Number resulting from a car accident, you may qualify for low-cost counselling with an ICBC counsellor.  Additionally, if you are assigned an ICBC Adjuster or you have a Lawyer, we kindly ask that you seek their approval for our services to determine your eligibility.  

At FreeMind Therapy, our number one focus is the client.  This means we have chosen not to engage in ICBC’s direct-billing and reporting system which can cause delays in services. If you have confirmed you have ICBC Counsellor benefits, you have the right to choose who you seek for counselling support after your car accident.  

COST: Once you receive your receipt from FreeMind Therapy, ICBC will reimburse you for portion of your session (usually around $130).  You are able to claim the remaining amount, for your tax write-off’s. Or, if you have one, your lawyer may be able to pay us directly – please inquire.

If you would like to get started with an ICBC Counsellor for low-cost counselling, will be more than happy to help get you set up – please reach out here.

FNHA Approved Counsellor: first nations health authority

Through the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA), you may be eligible for 22 FNHA counselling sessions per year, if you have an Indian Status number in Canada and if you live in BC.  You also have access to our 8-week Group Therapy program called “Practical Tools for Self-Regulation & Healing”

We are here to provide the support and assistance you need, and we invite you to explore our FNHA Counselling page for more detailed information on FNHA approved counsellors and Indigenous counselling. 

COST: Rest assured, we will handle the FNHA funding application process on your behalf, and process all direct billing, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

To inquire directly, please contact us here.

FNHA approved Counsellor

Métis Nation BC - MNBC Counsellor

If you are a member or hold a member number for Metis Nation BC, you may be able to apply for funding to see an MNBC Counsellor for around 10 sessions.  All of our counsellors at FreeMind Therapy are MNBC approved Counsellors.

The government funding for this counselling program typically runs out, and then gets put up for potential renewal each time. Check this page on the MNBC website to see if the program is open for you to apply to.  If it is paused, you can either ask them directly to apply and be added to the waitlist, or add yourself to their updates list and be contacted when the funding is flowing again.

COST: We do all the direct billing for you, and all sessions are 100% covered. If you don’t have benefits to hold you over while you wait for the funding approval from MNBC, consider seeing our Masters Intern Counsellor in the mean time.

If you would like help navigating this, our Clinic Coordinators are available to support you and get you started! Contact us directly, here.

Indigenous Counsellor

Indigenous Counselling: for those with no Status Number in BC.

In early 2024, the BC government made funding cuts to the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) counselling program. This meant that those Indigenous folks without an Indian Status number in Canada, would no longer be able to access FNHA-funded counselling in BC. 

In response to this, FreeMind Therapy created an 8-week Group Therapy program for Indigenous people called “Practical Tools for Self-Regulation & Healing”. Click the link to learn more. 

This group opens the first session with a blessing from a local Indigenous Healer and includes tons of take-home resources including a custom drumming meditation recorded from a local Indigenous drummer, exclusively for this group.

COST: FreeMind Therapy reserves several pro bono (free!) spots in each group for non-status Indigenous people who have no other source of funding. For Status-individuals, FreeMind will direct-bill FNHA for you.

To place your name on the waitlist for our next group (when we have enough registrants), please complete the form on this page here. 

Veterans Counselling & RCMP Counselling: Medavie Blue Cross

Through the Medavie Blue Cross, you may be eligible for coverage under the following programs:Veterans Affair Canada Counselling with Medavie Blue Cross

  • Veterans Affairs Canada
  • RCMP
  • Canadian Armed Forces

Our team is highly trained and experienced in working with trauma, using the latest modalities available in the mental health industry – such as Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), EMDR, Brainspotting, and Somatic Experiencing.  

To take advantage of this coverage, please provide us with the number associated with your Medavie Blue Cross insurance. If you are a family member of a veteran, RCMP member or Canadian Armed Forces member, we will need you to provide the number that they use for their Medavie insurance.

COST: We will apply for the funding approval for you and handle the direct billing to the insurance company on your behalf. This means you will only need to cover the portion of the cost that is not covered by your insurance, but with most of our therapists at FreeMind, the entire fee will be covered by Medavie! Just ask.

To inquire about getting started with Veterans counselling, RCMP counselling or Canadian Armed Forces counselling, please contact us here.

At FreeMind Therapy, we are dedicated to offering a range of affordable and low-cost counselling options and provide you with the latest modalities for therapy on the market today. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our Clinic Coordinators are here to provide assistance and support. Simply contact us below.