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The Best Natural Anxiety Remedies are Free

Sound healing, Breathwork, and movement can all be tailored to your needs and help with your anxiety.

Natural Anxiety Remedies​

Natural anxiety remedies are endless, and it’s all in what works for your individual brain! If you’ve struggled with anxiety, you’ve probably googled the best way of curing anxiety naturally. I mean, haven’t we all googled how to resolve a health or mental health issue before resorting to meds or therapy? Natural anxiety remedies are endless when you look online.

Managing anxiety naturally is absolutely possible without medication or therapy.

From physical activities, to nutritional supplements, to mental exercizes, natural anxiety remedies can be tailored to your specific needs. 

The number of holistic remedies for anxiety is so lengthy that it can actually be challenging to explore all of the options out there, and figure out what actually works for you. 

Once you identify the things that make a difference for you, you can begin to create a routine. This routine will become your blueprint to managing daily stressors, anxiety, and challenges, with more ease than before. But it starts with curiosity. Take a journey of discovery, and learn how you can incorporate a culture of healing and wellness into your life that will benefit you forever.

I wanted to share some of the things I’ve incorporated into my regular routine of healing, self-regulation and overall maintenance of wellness. These may not be the thing that works for you, but they are a starting place to get you thinking about ways you can manage anxiety naturally, and tame stress in your life. Let them act as an expander for you.

Natural anxiety remedies
Natural anxiety remedies

Sound Healing

An amazing natural anxiety remedy is through vibrational sound waves. Sound waves are the same as brain waves. When you’re anxious, your brain operates in Beta waves. To calm the mind, and bring it to a lower frequency brain wave, you can listen to lower sound waves and your mind will sync up. 

Sounds pretty cool, huh? Simply search Spotify or YouTube for sound bowls, sound healing, binaural beats, healing frequencies, and alpha wave music. Alpha waves are associated with focus, calm, and a relaxed state. 

Try listening to music like this when you’re feeling anxiety or to start or end your day. This can be a game changer and one of the best natural anxiety remedies.


Breathwork is not the same thing as taking a couple of deep breaths in. Although that is a very useful tool when needed, breathwork is a practice, similar to yoga. Breathwork can be done as a 2min routine or a 30min exercise. 

Usually laying down, you are guided to take breaths in a specific type of way. Each breath is intentional and focused, and may be different than you are used to breathing. 

Normally, we breathe automatically, without thinking. But with breathwork, the breaths may be different, through your stomach, or through your chest, through both, or maybe alternating. Breath may occur at a certain pace – faster or slower. The science behind certain types of breathwork is fascinating. 

As a beginner, I recommend trying out Wim Hof’s Breathing Technique (scroll down for guided video) among many others you can find for free on YouTube. Give it a try, even if just once, and you will see why so many people’s natural anxiety remedies include breathwork.

Natural anxiety remedies
Natural anxiety remedies


Anxiety is a survival response. The survival part of the brain responds in various ways to a threat. Although you may just be chilling on the couch, if anxiety is present, the natural response is either to fight (protect), to flight (run), to freeze (blend in), or to fawn (to trick the threat into being on our side).

If you are someone who experiences the freeze response to anxiety, movement can be an amazing natural anxiety remedy. Literally just a 5-10min walk can make a difference in regulating your anxiety. Especially if you do that in a different environment, like outside for example. 

For some people, dance or moving to music can be useful as a regular practice but if you’re in freeze mode, it might be hard to do that. Simply laying on your bed and settling into a deep stretch can be useful in resetting the mind.

Are there natural anxiety remedies for panic attacks?

If you were experiencing panic attacks, this lets you know that anxiety has not only been present, but has reached a boiling point. It lets you know that yes, it’s time to start making a change in your lifestyle by incorporating ways to better manage every day stress and anxiety.

However, once you’ve reached this point, getting some professional help is the quickest way of getting relief, and getting ahead of a pattern of panic attacks. in this case, I would recommend seeing a counsellor and if this isn’t possible, at least making an appointment with your family doctor. 

It’s best not to deal with this level of anxiety totally alone.

What if I have had anxiety for a long time?

Natural anxiety remedies are useful for everyone. However, someone was anxiety for many years may have developed certain patterns of coping that are deeply rooted. If this is you, pairing these remedies with some professional support to give you that boost, is highly recommended.

What to do now?

Natural anxiety remedies are useful for everyone. It really is about building a lifestyle of wellness so that when things go south, you are set up and equipped with resources that you can use to immediately. 

This possible that you may feel like you’ve tried everything to address your anxiety and nothing has worked. If this is you, connect connecting with a therapist can be an amazing way of gaining new insight into how you cannot only better manage and coping anxiety, but potentially get to the root of it and clear it all together.

There are so many cutting edge modalities of Therapy coming out now and it is definitely possible to improve your life significantly by clearing the root of your anxiety. Whether it’s through EMDR, Rapid Resolution Therapy, somatic therapy, or other modalities, natural anxiety remedies are always going to be, a useful tool for you. Taking this journey to discover what tools work for you will set you up for success as you embark on any therapy journey as well

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