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66 Days to Subconscious Habits – Master This Skill

Optimize your mental health this new year by boosting this skill and mastering your subconscious mind. Understand how the mind works, and you WILL see results with your new year’s resolutions and goals.

New Year's resolutions - the one thing you need

As you step into the new year, you may be contemplating resolutions to enhance your life! Ambitious goals, healthier habits, or substantial lifestyle changes: The longing for positive transformation is becoming evident lately as we talk with our clients during counselling sessions.

Why has it been SO challenging to stay on track with these aspirations… to the point where failing at new year’s resolutions has become the subject of many jokes or memes on social media! 

How can I EXECUTE… you may ask? One word – CONSISTENCY! Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you “just be consistent”. 


Consistency may not be the flashiest resolution in maintaining your goals, but figure out how to MASTER this skill and it will have a profound impact on many of your successes, and your overall mental well-being!


Whether your goals are to establish a daily routine, commit to a specific activity, achieve a career aspiration, make healthier dietary choices, cultivate a meditation practice, or stop detrimental habits, THE KEY lies in doing it consistently.

You consistently engage in the particular activity, and subconscious mind registers it as a habit, making it AUTOMATIC. It becomes WAY EASIER for you to achieve. 


… 66 days on average. It all depends on the person and the nature of the specific habit.


The beauty of consistency lies in SIMPLICITY. Instead of overwhelming yourself with a long list of resolutions, choose just one thing to focus on.

If you have a handful of resolutions, pick one.  You can always work on the others later.  But when making changes to the subconscious mind, it’s always WAY MORE SUCCESSFUL when pin pointing and focusing on one change at a time.

If your goal is to become more active in the new year, GET SPECIFIC and start small. For example, you might start with a short daily walk outdoors. If that’s not enough, don’t worry. But the point is to do something consistently (not to achieve the end result instantly). 

Once you have mastered consistency with this goal, add to it or enhance it (like make it a short jog, or add squats to the end of your walk if that is your thing). Do not pressure yourself to do more until succeeded at the first step.

Consistency has a domino effect on our lives. When we consistently engage in positive behaviors, our subconscious mind begins to associate those actions with feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction.

This positive reinforcement will CREATE A RIPPLE EFFECT, making it easier for us to adopt additional healthy habits.

New Years Resolutions


One common challenge in goal-setting is thinking in extremes – either sticking to the plan flawlessly or abandoning it entirely. Set your goals with flexibility.  With consistency as your foundation, it’s okay if you aim high because you will no doubt be in a forward motion toward your goal.

But ambitious goals like going to the gym six days a week or eliminating sugar from your diet, while seemingly transformative, can significantly impact your mental well-being. 

Not doing it perfectly may lead to heightened feelings of disappointment. If you master consistency with the smaller step, you know you’re on track, and it’s easier to get back on track if you fall off.

Embracing consistency involves recognizing that PROGRESS IS A JOURNEY rather than a fixed destination. Even if you encounter setbacks along the way, the commitment to consistency means picking yourself up and persisting on the journey!


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