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Having a BIPOC Counsellor might make all the difference

Bipoc Counsellor

If you identify as BIPOC you may have faced challenges finding mental health resources that feel right for you. You may have experienced not feeling heard, that you could not relate to your past counsellors, or that it did not feel like a comfortable and safe environment for you.

How to Clear Social Anxiety with RRT

Social Anxiety

Struggling with social anxiety can be isolating and overwhelming, leading many to avoid everyday social interactions. If you find yourself replaying conversations, dreading public speaking, or fearing judgment from others, you might be experiencing social anxiety.

EMDR: Healing Through the Eyes


Discover how EMDR Therapy can help you overcome traumatic memories and emotional distress. Learn about its process, effectiveness, and how it can improve your life.

Life Feels Unfair – How do I Cope?

Its not fair

Life’s unpredictability can lead us to mutter “It’s not fair,” “I don’t deserve this,” “I deserve better,” or “Why me?”. This can make you feel powerless – your strength comes from how you respond to life’s uncertainties, making room for growth!

The Top 3 Ways to Tame Anger Reactivity

Anger Management tips

Anger is a powerful and instinctual emotion that triggers our body’s fight-flight response. While it served a purpose in primitive times, it can be harmful and counterproductive in modern society. By understanding the biology behind anger and learning effective anger management techniques, we can empower ourselves to handle and even eliminate this intense emotion.

Friendship Anxiety? Let’s Get You Feeling Better

three friends taking a picture together

Friendship anxiety is a condition characterized by a persistent fear of social situations and interactions. Individuals with social anxiety often experience intense worry, self-consciousness, and a fear of being negatively judged or embarrassed in social settings.