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Counselling for Counsellors is not always easy to find… that is, an experienced one!  You help so many people everyday.  And despite doing some amazing work and being highly trained and experienced, it is completely normal (and even encouraged) to seek your own support.  

Counselling for Counsellors needs to be skilled and the Counsellor needs to get that you already have the “basic” skills and knowledge (whether you’re new to the field or a veteran).  There is no need to waste time.  You need a Counsellor who gets this and is confident in their craft to support another counsellor fully.

Did you know that in some US states, the requirement to become licensed as a therapist is to obtain 300 hours of your own therapy?  Counsellors grapple with a spectrum of challenges, some inherent to their profession and others reflective of universal life issues.  We are eager to offer this support to our community.


counselling for counsellors


counselling for counsellors

Counsellors are not immune to the common challenges of daily life, such as relationship issues, daily stressors, sleep problems, and even anxiety or other conditions. These issues impact Counsellors just as they do anyone else. The benefit of being a Counsellor though, is that you know so much of the useful advice!  So why wouldn’t you just use that to help yourself?  

Because as humans, we thrive on connectedness and support.  As you know, research shows us that the best change in therapy happens when the therapeutic rapport between client and Counsellor is strong.  

So it’s not a matter of just “knowing what to do”. It’s a matter of teaming up with the wisdom of another Counsellor who can connect with you. 

Lastly, a Counselling for Counsellors is a thing because we have our own way of thinking, our own little tricks that we give our clients, but it doesn’t always work for us all the time!  

Having another Counsellor share a new perspective on an issue can give you the exact support you need to make the changes you are looking for.  When another modality is used, this can also create the shift in brain pathways that you need!


There are a lot of unique and complex reasons why there is such a thing as Counselling for Counsellors. Some of the profession-specific reasons include: 

Ethical Dilemmas

Handling ethical dilemmas, such as reporting child abuse, dealing with dual relationships, termination challenges, and many other issues, can be a source of significant stress. Navigating these challenges can be emotionally taxing.

Confidentiality Issues

Maintaining the utmost confidentiality is crucial in the therapy profession, restricting Counsellors from discussing their clients’ cases openly at home. Counsellors may resort to expressing vague comments about their day, leading to the accumulation of stress with no support.  Having full counselling support from someone who truly gets this is vital.

Isolation and Stress

Many Counsellors work in silo through private practice. Without adequate support, therapists can internalize stress, fostering feelings of isolation and loneliness in their work. This can also lead to burnout if support isn’t sought. 


Burnout as a Counsellor can be very real. Many factors contribute to this, including working with heavy cases while lacking adequate support in the workplace.  As well, seeing too many of one type of case, lacking debrief or proper supervision, or even developing vicarious trauma (common in Counsellors doing sexual abuse counselling).


Counsellors invest substantial time and energy in addressing others’ problems. This can cause you to neglect your own well-being.

While counselling is an immensely rewarding career, it can also be isolating. You will feel the value of comfort and support when you seek support from a fellow Counsellor who comprehends your experiences.

Counselling for Counsellors can alleviate the heavy burden that is sometimes experienced in the work. Counsellors take on the most difficult situations of the human condition.  In turn, counselling for Counsellors can establish a dedicated space for your professional self-care and personal well-being to meld together.

Through counselling sessions, you explore your thoughts, emotions, and coping mechanisms.  This fosters an even more profound understanding and awareness of yourself and how you show up in the healing work you do with your own clients.

Counselling for Counsellors results in a clearer mind making you better equipped to navigate the intricacies of therapeutic relationships and ethical nuances.  This ultimately results in better client outcomes, but also a more satisfying career.  Engaging in therapy as a mental health professional not only contributes to your personal development but is also a proactive measure against biases that might influence your reactions to client concerns.

Moreover, counselling for Counsellors enables you to carve out a sanctuary for your emotional well-being and development that you may not get when just chatting with a colleague or your spouse.  In a profession where providing support to others is paramount, Counsellors can neglect their own needs sometimes!

counselling for counsellors


As a Counsellor, you are probably thinking “I need a therapist who knows their Sh%t”. We get it! Since you know so much about mental health, that’s totally understandable.

However, as much as you probably know this too, the number of years in the field doesn’t necessarily equate to the quality of the work, or the extensiveness of training.  As a starting point, we recommend choosing a Counsellor who has at least 5 years experience in psychotherapy and has shown interest in taking additional courses and trainings past the basic Masters degree modalities. 

Seeking counselling from a Counsellor with a slightly different view or background than you, will challenge you past what you’re used to.  In the same vein, some modalities are wildly different in terms of philosophy, so finding the right balance will be key.  Start by doing a few free consultations to ensure you select the right fit for you.

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At FreeMind Therapy, we proudly support mental health professionals in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario. Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of counsellors in these regions, providing the tools and support necessary for personal and professional growth. We aim to help mental health professionals across Canada ensure everyone is receiving the support they need.

We understand the unique mental health landscape in BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario and are committed to providing all around support to enhance your well-being and professional skills.


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