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Insomnia Therapy

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Insomnia therapy is a type of psychotherapy which treats dysfunction in sleep.  Insomnia can occur where there is difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep (waking up frequently), or waking up too early in the morning.

There are even people out there who haven’t slept in a month (and yes, they are still alive)!

Many people suffer chronically with insomnia and many other types of sleep problems – you are not alone in seeking insomnia therapy.  Different types of issues can include sleep talking, sleep walking, waking dreams, nightmares, and the list goes on. 

Insomnia and sleep issues can be caused by a wide variety of issues, lifestyle factors or even traumas, which aren’t always easy to pin point.  However, the most common cause is overall stress and anxiety.


Insomnia therapy and counselling for sleep issues in Vancouver, BC, Canada


  • You are tired during the day and do not feel rested
  • You can’t seem to nap or sleep even if you’re feeling tired
  • Your mood is impacted negatively due to consistent fatigue
  • Your sleep/wake issues are disrupting your parter
  • You are sleep walking and disrupting others or endangering yourself/others
  • You are having recurrent nightmares or dreaming while seemingly awake
  • You are talking in your sleep and it disrupts others


Insomnia therapy and counselling for sleep issues in Vancouver, BC, Canada

It really depends on what your specific sleep issue is, that determines the method to resolve it.  To start, there are ways that everyone can maximize their quality of sleep. Depending on individual needs, here are just some ways:

  • Remove sleep disruptors
  • Light therapy to reset your internal sleep clock
  • Use the bed/room only for bed activities such as sleep (ie: no reading, tv, etc.)
  • Create a sleep hygiene routine
  • Reduce life stressors
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Rule out medical causes
  • Go to Therapy – there are various approaches available, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, psycho-education, Hypnotherapy, or Rapid Resolution Therapy.

At FreeMind Therapy, our counsellors can support you in getting to the bottom of your insomnia or sleep issues.  We utilize a variety of approaches to help resolve it depending on what is presenting, including Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT).  Book a consultation today.

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