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Having a BIPOC Counsellor might make all the difference

If you identify as BIPOC you may have faced challenges finding mental health resources that feel right for you. You may have experienced not feeling heard, that you could not relate to your past counsellors, or that it did not feel like a comfortable and safe environment for you.

What is BIPOC Informed Counselling?

BIPOC counselling is tailored for those who identify as Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color (BIPOC). While attending your counselling sessions, a BIPOC counsellor is informed by the unique experiences, challenges, and cultural factors that can impact your mental health and overall well-being. 

BIPOC counselling can address any fears you may have around cultural or racial misunderstandings in therapy.  This can provide a space that respects and understands your unique experiences. A BIPOC-informed counsellor is not only compassionate but also deeply familiar with the challenges faced by BIPOC individuals, making cultural heritage and societal issues central to the healing process based on what’s important for you. 

A BIPOC counsellor aims to help you overcome systemic obstacles, like language barriers and cultural stigma, which can hinder your access to mental health services.  Your BIPOC counsellor supports more accessible and relevant services to those who need it.

Bipoc Counsellor

Why BIPOC Therapy

Bipoc Counsellor

You may find substantial value in having a BIPOC counsellor. 

Cultural Understanding: A BIPOC counsellor often has a personal understanding of the societal pressures and racial experiences unique to BIPOC communities. This shared cultural context can create a foundation of trust and understanding, allowing for deeper, more meaningful conversations with your therapist.

Safe Space: Discussing experiences of racial trauma or discrimination can be challenging. A BIPOC counsellor can offer a safer space for you to express these feelings without the burden of explaining or justifying your experiences.

Addressing Racial Trauma: Your BIPOC counsellor is often better equipped to recognize and address the nuances of racial trauma, contributing to more effective and focused healing.

Supporting Intersectionality and Identity: Your BIPOC counsellor is often well-equipped to navigate discussions around intersectionality — the interconnected nature of race, class, nationality, and gender, as they apply to you.  This offers valuable support as your explore and affirm your multi-dimensional identities, providing a space where all aspects of your identity are acknowledged and valued.

Immigration: Your BIPOC counsellor may even possess a firsthand understanding of the immigration experience, including the complexities of assimilation, the challenge of balancing multiple cultural identities, and the stress associated with adapting to a new country while maintaining your cultural heritage. This can be especially beneficial if you are navigating these types of transitions.

BIPOC Services:

Healing In Color 

Healing In Color is a Canadian-based counsellor directory that launched in 2019 and helps BIPOC individuals connect with other BIPOC counsellors near them. It was created to support BIPOC individuals by understanding the negative experiences they have faced simply because of their identity.  It also offers them a safe environment to heal and flourish by finding them the most skilled BIPOC counsellors.

The company Healing In Color has explained that the profession of therapy is a white-dominated profession.  This is why their directory consists of people of colour, black, Indigenous, queer, and LGBTQ+ individuals in order to re-write the stereotypes and create a safer environment for BIPOC individuals to get the healing and mental health care they need.

Inclusive Therapists 

Inclusive Therapists operates as a directory, community, and resource hub. They aim to provide a safer and easier way to connect individuals to counsellors who are committed to advocating for justice in areas of race, trans, nonbinary, intersex, and ACE+ identities (QTBIPOC).

FreeMind Therapy 

At FreeMind Therapy, our team includes experienced BIPOC counsellors who can provide services to you in several languages and are from various backgrounds. We are always growing as a team and have both BIPOC and non-BIPOC counsellors with extensive experience in supporting the Indigenous community. Our counsellors have undergone specialized, master-level training in cultural and historical awareness, including the San’Yas Cultural Sensitivity Training.

Choosing a counsellor is an important decision, and having a BIPOC counsellor might make all the difference for you.  However, it is crucial to gauge the connection and their understanding of your needs before committing.  We recommend that you connect with a few different counsellors for free consultations to ensure a good fit and the best healing experience possible.

Bipoc Counsellor

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